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"Carrie served as my communications and marketing specialist for the last two years, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Carrie wrote,designed, and edited our monthly newsletter, refreshing the content and design to make it much more readableand enjoyable. She also created a customized Facebook Page and interesting socialmedia updates and promotions that increased our community engagement and doubled our Fans in just a short time."

Fran Phillip, owner, Menlo Pilates and Yoga

Menlo Park, California

"I am pleased to recommend Carrie for all your writing needs. I contracted with Carrie to write two feature articles for our university's magazine, Steps, and was very satisfied with the results and the interaction between us. One article was a faculty profile in which she needed to interview the professor and emphasize his new role as Director of Educational Equity and race relations. The professor was very pleased with her interviewing manner, and her interviewing skills were demonstrated in the finished article. I was very pleased with the final piece, as it covered all the angles I had asked for and was written sensitively in a lively prose that our readers enjoyed.

The second article was very complex, as it dealt with different partnerships the university has created with a number of school districts. I asked Carrie to focus on the student impact of these partnerships. She made the contacts, scheduled the appointments, and met face-to-face with the school administrators and students. The result was an in-depth approach to the subject, and a welcoming human element revealed through her candid interviews with the students. Carrie was able to enliven a potentially dry subject, and she also obtained great quotes from the students.

I was also very impressed with Carrie's professional manner and organizational skills. Once we had established the scope of the project, she took control and kept me informed all along the way. I was thrilled that she made sure we had a "stress free" arrangement, and that she was able to deliver these two complex articles on time."

Writing Recommendation from Kaine Thompson

Senior Director of Communications, Cal State University San Marcos

"Carrie is a wonderful freelance writer who I have hired repeatedly for my newspaper. Her follow-through is excellent, and I know I can count on her to deliver on time, and add a slant to the story that might have been overlooked by another writer. I do and have recommended Carrie to other publishers looking for a great assignment writer."

Debra Costner, former publisher, Bay Area Business Woman

San Francisco Bay Area, California

"A big shoutout to Carrie for her great editing work. I recently hired Carrie to edit some of my blog articles, and I'm thrilled that I did. Having a second set of eyes is extremely helpful, and having Carrie's expert eyes is incredible. Carrie is a true professional. She's an expert editor, and she really helps take your work to the next level. I highly recommend her services."

Betty Kaufman

Mountain View, California

"I hired Carrie to work on content for my website. She took the time to understand me and my business and came up with a creative way for me to stand out from my peers and competitors. I am very happy with the end result."

Alina Steinberg Baugh

San Francisco Bay Area, California

"Carrie provided wonderful critical insight about our website's strengths and weaknesses. Over just a period of weeks, we were able to craft and develop a marketing plan geared toward increasing traffic and improving the overall user-experience. She is knowledgeable,flexible and goal-oriented. Carrie knows her stuff and providesa wide array of useful tips and tricks."

Lisa Mercurio, owner, Bedtime Network

New York, NY

"Carrie helped me design a focused marketing plan that fits my style and abilities. She also gave me new tips to make my Facebook Page more visible. Her critique of my website was thorough and complete. I'm excited to make these changes to better my website. Not only is she professional and punctual, but Carrie has a fun personality that makes working with her not feel like "work" at all. I highly recommend her!"

Anne Schellman

Davis, California

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