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Selected Articles

An inside look at the opening of Be Yoga studio in Palo Alto in January 2011, written on assignment. After a day of classes, I wrote about my experiences for Image magazine, Bay Area Business Group.  The angle was: how "high stress" Silicon Valley residents unwind, and how yoga increasingly looks to be an important stress solution for the future. 

I published two features for Steps, the alumni magazine for Cal State San Marcos. The first was a profile of Gary Rolison, a pioneering professor who inspires students everyday. The second highlights high school students who, despite economic challenges and obstacles of every kind, were able to fast trak to college. I learned so much writing this, including important info about "memorandums of understanding." Cool indeed.

There’s a memorable scene in the 2005 movie In Her Shoes, in which a stressed-out Toni Collette quits her job as an attorney and becomes a carefree dog walker. While this career transition may have shocked audience members five years ago, it wouldn’t today. Dogs, dog walkers, dog trainers, dog spas, doggy daycares are state-of-the-art in pet chic, particularly in San Francisco, home to over 150,000 dogs. Article on Dogpreneurs written on assignment for the July 2010 issue of The Potrero View.

A profile of The Silverleaf Academy of Arts and Sciences, a unique all girls school in Mission Viejo, California. Written on assignment for Today's Woman of Orange County in 2008.

A profile of Barbara Weltman, one of the nation's leading small business experts and an E-Bay expert,

Written on assignment for Our Town. Weltman shares the secrets of successful e-commerce.

A lifestyles piece about this innovative Los Angeles illustrator, whose parents created the television show "Wild America." Written on assignment for Bay Area Business Woman.

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