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Marketing and Communications Consulting
Menlo Yoga 1

As consultant for Menlo Pilates and Yoga, I assisted owner Fran Phillip with launching her first e-newsletter, getting media placements through branding her "mompreneur," and establishing and growing her social media.

Menlo Yoga 2

As consultant for Menlo Yoga, I worked with the studio owner and her web designer to ensure her website had a strong design and was simple to navigate. I participated in intensive user experience testing to troubleshoot any problems and to provide creative input on logo design and other graphics.

Bedtime Network

As marketing consultant for Bedtime Network, a lifestyle website focused on modern sleep solutions, I helped troubleshoot a variety of site problems, including confusing navigation and messaging. I was successful in helping the owners get their marketing message back on track, and recognizing their unique value proposition.

Web Copy

I wrote website copy for therapist Alina Baugh to reflect her brand and style, while also establish her credibility in a competitive field.

Speaker Sheet

I coached corporate business advisor Denise Green in creating a clear and effective speaker sheet, optimizing her online visibility, and clarifying her mission and message.

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