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Guest Blog Posts

This blog post, written on assignment for Rignite Marketing, highlights the 2013 Heineken social campaign. Heineken hosted “Serenade Live” a week before Valentine’s Day, an 8-hour worldwide live online YouTube event. Heineken chose Facebook and Twitter followers to perform their serenade online, while the audience and potential dates tuned in to share their reactions. Here’s the genius—the drama is heightened by launching a live event on YouTube, coupled with the Facebook app. Add the Twitter handle @Heineken and hashtags #Serenade, #SerenadeLive to the mix, and you’ve created a social media triple threat. 

Heineken found its social media sweet spot with this Valentine's Day campaign.

Downton Abbey is so embedded in our culture that in writing this post on assignment for Rignite Marketing, I came across tons of references without even trying. When the New Yorker publishes a cartoon in which a prison inmate is updated on the latest Downton plot developments ,you know you’ve hit a nerve. Now that’s the stuff memes are made of.

How did PBS—an underdog network to high budget competitors like HBO—win such a successful following? There are lessons to be learned here for companies who are looking to use social media to increase brand awareness and grow their reach to new prospects.

Blog post for Verve Marketing and Design, a boutique marketing firm focused on the luxury client. The post explores how green is the new "chic." 

"Everywhere, it seems, we are surrounded by reminders on how to make green choices in the way we live, work, and play. Organic soaps. Electric cars. All natural clothing. No matter where you look, it seems like the latest accessory is a social conscience."

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